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Wireless Pro Weather Station with USB Upload

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The Weather Forecaster for Professionals

Just imagine if you could predict the weather!

You’d never be caught out by a sudden downpour or heat wave. In fact you’d be able to do more with your time as you‘d always be ready for the unexpected.

  • Comprehensive Weather Information
  • PC data storage for further analysis
  • Accurate Timing
  • See it in the dark



Weather forecaster for planning your day ahead
Your WMR88 Wireless Pro Weather Station tells you up and coming weather predictions with more information and in more detail than ever before.Apart from the daily weather, temperature and humidity, you’ll also be able to read the wind’s speed and direction from your screen. There’s even a historical bar graph to show you the barometric pressure, rainfall and UV index. Get all this crucial information to predict the weather accurately and be prepared for your day ahead.

USB uploading for better managing your data
USB uploading functions enable you to store, view and analyse all your weather data to create professional weather reports, so you can be your own weather expert.

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  • Displays +12/24 hours forecasted weather
  • Shows indoor/outdoor temperature & humidity
  • Records max/min temperature & humidity
  • Detailed wind information: wind speed, direction and chill factor
  • Moon phase
  • Displays volume of rainfall
  • Bar graph showing history of barometric pressure,rainfall and UVI (optional, UV sensor not included)
  • USB upload to PC is available
  • Shows moon phases
  • EL backlight

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