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Meep! Tablet

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Connect to a world of creativity, learning and fun with MEEP!

A tablet kids love and parents trust


Connect to a world of creativity, learning and fun with MEEP!

MEEP! is an innovative, interactive, rugged Wi-Fi enabled tablet featuring amazing zForce® touch screen technology designed for kids age 6 and above. Access a vast library of pre-loaded games, apps, e-books, music and more all at the touch of your finger. Plus download hundreds of action packed games, challenging learning activities and more. All that’s needed is your imagination and the desire to have a blast!


Accessorize your MEEP! for endless creativity

Turn your tablet into a virtual arcade of fun and activity as you run circles around your opponents using your expert gaming skills, joystick and steering wheel. Challenge your friends head-on using the dual-play Game-Pro Case. Then, get ready to rock ’n roll with a portable piano, drum pad, headphones, microphone, and more. Whichever games and accessories you choose, it’s always a win-win situation with MEEP!


MEEP! Tech Spec Video

To setup your account, you can download Meep! Together app at Apple iTunes store.

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  • Utilizes latest Android 4.0 platform
  • GHz Cortex A8 processor with 512MB RAM
  • 7” vivid touch screen with latest zForce® touch screen technology responds quickly to any touch
  • Screen Dimension: 800 pixels wide x 480 pixels high
  • Stream content from tablet to television through HDMI (2160 pixels)
  • 4GB internal storage, plus SD card slot to install additional memory
  • Built-in Wi-Fi® for instant internet access
  • Built-in 0.3mpx camera for taking photos and videos
  • G sensor enabled
  • Colorful and durable silicone sleeve provides a safe grip
  • Product dimensions: 145 x 96 x 18 mm

The Meep! Store

  • The Homepage will give you access to the different categories of products available on the store: Movie (a), Music (b), Apps (c), Game (d), E-book (e)
  • It will also highlight some specific titles or promotions (f)
  • The number of MEEP! coins currently available will be shown as well (g). Clicking on it, you can request coins to your parents
  • If you have a redeem code, click on "Coupon" (h) to enter it. You will be informed if your code is incorrect or has already been used. Once you enter a correct code, you will be entitled to download a specific product or you will receive a certain amount of MEEP coins. 

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